Avatar Titan: Volume I
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date Unknown
Written by ActionBoy 87
Directed by Unknown
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The Arrival The Painted Ladies

The Headband is the second chapter.

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Upon entering the Fire Nation, Aang and his friends steal local clothes in order to live incognito among the citizens. Aang wears a headband to hide his airbender tattoos. After accidentally putting on a Fire Nation school uniform and being accused of truancy, Aang is taken to that school. Enjoying being able to socialize like a 'normal' kid and realizing the value of learning about the Fire Nation, he enrolls in the school. He later arranges a dance party for the rigidly disciplined and self-expression lacking Fire Nation pupils. When the school authorities learn about the party, the students help Aang and his friends escape. Meanwhile, Zuko hires an assassin to find and kill Aang.

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